Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My new Bible Study

I started a new bible study at my house on Ephesians and the first couple of times I had no one show up. Then 4 people came and the next week 6. Now we have 10 people who come and we are really learning about what the Lord can do in other our lives. The Lord has been really teaching all of us that we are His masterpiece and that we were created through Christ Jesus. Eph. 2:10 Alot of us in the Bible study struggle with our past because it is not the greatest so we need to be reminded that God really does love us and that we are his masterpiece. God takes our past and redeems it .. We can actually let go of our past mistakes and let God work in our lives. At the Bible study we are learning this concept of God's love.
It is also cool that our ages in the group range from 16-85. It is weird to have this group in my house not because we dont get along but if you looked at each one of us you would think we dont have anything in common. We have something in common and that is the Lord has redeemed us and know calls us to help build His kingdom through the power of the Holy Spirit working in our lives. I am really blessed to get to spend my Wednesday nights with people who know they are being used for God's kingdom despite their past. Amen that God can use anyone to advance His kingdom.