Tuesday, October 28, 2014

been along time

It has been along time since I have written a post. What is a blog for? Is it suppose to be like a journal that everyone can read. I guess. What if no one reads it. Then is it just for you. I guess it can be a therapy session somehow. I have been reading Romans lately and wondering what kind of suffering our we suppose to endure to share in Christ glory? Christians are suppose to suffer right? We are suppose to be rich, healthy and have great influence in the world or are we? I have to ask myself how do I share in Christ sufferings so that I can share in His glory. What am I doing to suffer for Christ? Most of the time I am really selfish and only think about myself. It is hard for me because I dont have to worry about anyone but me because I am not married or have children. So I dont always think about how I can suffer with Christ because suffering means pain and who wants to experience pain. Not me. Well thank God Jesus is who He said He is. He has saved me and is continue to shape me into his follower!!!!!