Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Preaching on Sunday

I preached on sunday for the first time at the Rock United Methodists Church in Lexington. I was really nervous because I had never preached on Sunday and there is a different crowd there than on Mondays. I preach on Mondays every week. I usually move around alot in the center aisle but because the pastor head piece had been stolen I could not preach in the aisle. I stood at the pulpit and the Holy Spirit moved through me and I was able to preach a message about the freedom we have from sin because of Jesus' death and resurrection. Sin is not our master anymore and we have freedom in Jesus to grow into holiness and our salvation that was given to us through Jesus.
I had a really good sermon and it was to myself too. It is funny how that goes sometimes. the preacher has to be reminded that he too is saved by grace and he too does not have to listen to the lies the evil tells him. It was an amazing experience and I really hope the next time the Holy Spirit will speak through me.


  1. Hey man,
    I've had that happen too when I'm praying for someone, God seems to take over, and then He seems to speak to me through my own prayer, and hopefully bless whomever I'm praying for at the same time. Hope I get to hear you preach some day bro!

  2. thanks dude for your encouragement.

  3. Hey Blake that's awesome! We don't use microphones here so when you come you can preach in the aisle. :)

  4. Hey, do a post about South Dakota!! My pappy was born and raised there.